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Ever After Mustang Donators - 2016

Platinum Horse Shoe Sponsors - Gifts of $1,000 and above

Nicholas Pullo
Mary Calabrese
Sara Denning
Marsha Squibb
Anita and Brad Coupe
Lynne Gaudette

Gold Horse Shoe Sponsors - Gifts of $500 - $999.00

Michael Harris
Richard Brown
Sharon and Harris Neckers
Diane Chretien
Andrea Acomb
Grace and Tracy Dunne
Joseph and Susan Ambrose
Natalie McNerney

Silver Horse Shoe Sponsors - Gifts of $100 - $499

Kerstyn and Richard Crumb
Marsha Lamson
Robert and Carolyn Sherman
Union Church
Brian Prichard
Sharon Romano/Cindy Caldwell
Gary Kasten
Robert and Sharon Hunter
Deborah Lamb
Harold Knickle
Howard and Mary Ellen Whitehead
Donna Knoess/Joan Chambers
Susan L. Jones
Victor Forsley
Jane Cole in memory of Erma Gebb
Marie Beaudoin Clark
Dr. Ruth Cox
Ruth Swift
Carolyn Spear
Joshua Grossman
Diane Chretien

Bronze Horse Shoe Sponsors - Gifts up to $99 and In Kind

Sharon Berger
Terri Farley
Pamela Gray
KayLee Bell
Samantha Williams
Barbara and Stanley Barwise
Christine Turner
Angel Rox
Larry Pye
Dale Applebaum
Dee Nazzaro
Karen Kerrigan
John Erath
Jane Pioli
Larry and Barbara Vennell
Martha Elkins
Marcy Farretti
Joan Norton in honor of Garrett Norton
Amy Osenar
Constance Lambert
Arlyn Diamond
Alan and Beverly Koblick
Rose Anthony
Susan Clough
Sara Peterson
Norman Davidson
Lindsay Walsh
Sandrine Chabert

Special thanks to the following for their generous support of projects and improvements:

Wm. J.J. Gordon Foundation
Gwendolyn Elwell Flanagan Foundation
Robert and Jane V. Engel Foundation
Narragansett One Foundation

Special thanks to all the In House Adopters and Sponsors for their commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness. We appreciate your help.

In House Adopters:
Phoenix - The Doran Family Foundation
Cassidy - Sharon and Harris Neckers
Grace - Marsha Squibb
Destiny - Engel Foundation....Elizabeth Hunter Engel
Jazz - Sara Denning-Bolle

Cherokee - Union Church, Biddeford Pool and Andrea Acomb
Foxfire - Sharon Berger
Cheyenne - Andrea Acomb
Star - Carolyn Sherman
LC - Ruth Swift

Thank you also to the following for generous grants and gifts:
Gwendolyn Elwell Flanagan Foundation
Saco Biddeford Savings Bank

Pease let us know if there has been an error or omission.