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Ever After Mustang Donators - 2020

Platinum Horse Shoe Sponsors - Gifts of $1,000 and above

Dr. Sara Denning-Bolle

Anita and Brad Coupe

Elizabeth Hunter Engells

Nicholas Puiia

Susan Ambrose

Carol Collins

Nancy Haverty

Larry and Martha Silver

Robert Read

Paula Abate

Marsha Squibb

Janet Lynch

Gold Horse Shoe Sponsors - Gifts of $500 - $999.00

Hana Strnad

Long Term Partners

Sheree Nicholl, in memory of Suzanne Schell

Mary Koncel

Granite Point Ladies

Charlene Wax

Betsy Newcomer

Kirsten and Richard Crumb

Jan Dillon Schaub

Andy Mantis

Sonja and Robert Cahill

Caroline McNerney

Sonja Cahill

Julie Desraulniers

Kay Cushman

Geoffrey Locke, in memory of Randy Locke

Silver Horse Shoe Sponsors - Gifts of $100 - $499

Mae Lee Sun

Kay Cushman

Cindy LaPlante

Beverly Thayer

Judith and Robert Orcutt

Diane Chretien

Susan and William Dunlap

Carolyn Spear

Valerie Cole and Red

Cindy Caldwell

Mary Anne Carey

Sherry Grandonico

Grace and Tracy Dunne

Marie and Paul Fields

Christopher and Valerie Cianchette

Allen Barrette

Linda and Richard Kontoff

Garnet and Wendie Colpitts

Harold Knickle

Seth Allcorn

Helen Ryder

Sonja Schamel

Samuel Vizi

Thomas Plummer

Larry and Barbara Vennell

Carolyn and William Southwick

Bob and Carol Sherman

Susan Adamowicz

Alexander and Judith Lachiatto

Lisa and Kevin Noonan

Susan and Peter Dillon

Deborah Marathon

Diane Chretien

Theresa Cole

Marie Strnad

Thomas Plummer

Marie and Paul Fields

Sherry Grandonico

Larry and Barbara Vennell

Lisa and Kevin Noonan

Emma Sjblom

Valerie Cole and RED

Patti Murphy

Caren Lederer 

Audrey Thirkell

Connie and Michael Beck

C.G. Trouvalis

Bronze Horse Shoe Sponsors - Gifts up to $99 and In Kind

Mary Lou Gray

Philip Jenks

In Memory of Marcella Benedict
      Denise Benedict
      Nancy Gerber
      Ann and Bob Springham
      Susan Sanders

Edward and Janet Pell

Nancy Ost

Norman and Anne Davidson

Kate and Mark Carpenter

Carol Santora

Catherine Duffault

Shaun Logan

Bonnie Tallagnon

Barbara and Stanley Barwise

Jody Powers

Priscilla Rowell

Kay Lee Bell

John Nicholas

Michele and Stephen Skocypee

Jan Beverly and Alan Koblick

Richard Clark

Ann and Robert Murphy

Anthony Baltis

Christopher Pinkham

Priscilla Rowell

Paula Russo

Mary Willette

Alan and Barbara Koblick

Ann and Robert Murphy

Mary Lou and Michael Gray

Nancy Ost

Susan Adamowicz

Sandra Ferrera

Norman Davidson

Amy Bouchard


Special thanks to all the In House Adopters and Sponsors for their commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness. We appreciate your help.

In House Adopters: $125 per month for selected horse

Martha Squibb – Grace
Sara Denning-Bolle – Jazz and Mystery
Sharon Neckers – Cassidy
Elizabeth Hunter Engels – Destiny
Anita Coupe – Drifter
Nick Puiia – Magic
Jerilyn Forman – Cinnamon
Daniel O’Leary and Kathy Bouchard – Justin and Paiute
Bebe Habib and the Queen Beez – Foxfire
Portland Monthly Magazine – Remington
Carl Harriman – Sierra
Paula Abate – Star

Sponsors: $25 per month for selected horse

Union Church – Charlotte
Andrea Acomb – Cheyenne
Kris Grenier – Ginger
Wendy Harris – Sue
Ruth Swift – LC
Jane Alpert – LC
Rosemary LaPorte – LC
Carol and Robert Sherman – Sue
Phyllis Devoronine – Grant
Debby Vanderslice – Charlotte


   Please let us know if there has been an error or omission.