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Mustangs Available for Adoption, In-House Adoptions & Sponsorship

There are many ways to help rescue Mustangs. Select from the 3 following options to find the program that works best for you!

1) Adoption

We have many beautiful Mustangs available for adoption. Please see the photos and life stories of these amazing horses below. Please contact Mona today and begin your journey of owning one of America's Wild Horses.

If you are interested in adopting a Mustang,
please download these forms.
Placement AgreementPlacement Application

2) In-House Adoptions

If you ever dreamed of having a horse of your own but couldn't, we may be able to to fulfil that dream. Adopters choose their horse. They pay monthly cost of $125.00, which supplies their horse with hay, grain, bedding, wormings, daily care, routine vetting and blacksmith care. Adopters are recognized on the website as well as with their names on a plaque on the stall door, provided updates and pictures and allowed generous scheduled visitations. In-House Adopted horses remain in the custody of Ever After Mustang Rescue and will be guaranteed lifetime care. There is only one in-house adopter per horse.

Too expensive? Consider partial or shared adoption. A great gift or group endeavor. Contact us for more information.

3) Sponsorship

Sponsorship of a mustang is a program that you can participate in with others for a lesser amount of money. The minimum monthly sponsorship is $25.00 per month. Each horse can have a maximum of 5 sponsors at $25/month. Sponsors will receive a photo and bio of their horse, updates and scheduled visitations. Sponsors will be recognized on the website and on a plaque on the stall door. If you are interested please contact us for a Placement Agreement or more information.


Looking for an Adopter

Mustang up for adoption

Magic, a 6 yr. old bay gelding. 14 hands. Progressing well with ground training. Ready to excel in a forever home.

In-house adopter: Nick Puiio

Mustang up for adoption

Cinnamon, 18 yr old chestnut mare with history of founder. Gentle, friendly girl that would be a great companion horse or good for light riding. Also a candidate for "In House Adoption".

Mustang up for adoptionGrace

Grace, a 16 yr old black mare, was found at the Camelot auction by a N.J. rescue, who outbid the "killer buyers" to save her and her unborn foal. Only later did they realize she was a mustang and shortly after she foaled they asked us to take them, gentle and train mom and find them both a good home. This 15H mare is now in a regular training program and doing very well with groundwork. She is very intelligent and responsive and would welcome a human partner who has the experience and time to continue her training.

In-house adopter: Marsha Squibb

Mustang up for adoption

Mae, 7 yr. old 14 hand beautiful bay mare. Great confirmation. Started under saddle. Needs knowledgeable human partner to further training.  Could be ready for show season 2018.


Long-Term Residents
Sponsors – each horse can have a maximum of 5 at $25/month.
In-house Adopters – one per horse, at $125/month.
Mustang available for adoption

Charlotte is a 29 yr old, big boned 15h bay mare, came to the rescue at the age of 17, had never been handled but has learned to trust and love humans and can be groomed and led. She has been ridden and we think she likes it! She is very social and could be your best friend as well as a great companion horse.

Sponsored by: Debbie Vanderslice

Mustang available for adoptionStar

We named her Star when she arrived here in Dec. 2002. She was brought here by kind adopters who could not keep her. Although she had only minimal handling she was trusting and in excellent shape. Her color is light Bay with a white star. She is approx 14.3-15 hands. She had been captured in the Calico Mountains Herd Management Area, near Gerlach, NV. on Dec.18, 2000 at 2 years old. Now at 20 years she still has many years to give to a special person who can appreciate her kind, gentle nature. Are you her person?

Sponsored by: Carolyn Sherman


Mustang Available for Adoption


I am a 24 year old mare. My soft brown eyes are kind and gentle, although I am still a little distrustful. I am a beautiful liver chestnut with a flaxen tail and mane.I can lift my feet for the blacksmith and tolerate saddling, however my physical abilities are limited due to allergies and respiratory problems.

Sponsored by: Wendy Harris

Rescued Mustange named Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a 20 year old bay mare with a real presence. She was captured September 19th, 2000 in the Delamar Mountains of Nevada. Although very distrusting and fearful, she is very sweet and kind.

Sponsored by: Andrea Acomb

Destiny, a rescued Mustang available for adoption

Destiny arrived here Feb. 17, 2009 from a dealer in Maine. She was frightened and aggressive, but settled in well with the other horses. Her freeze brand revealed her history: foaled in 1998 in the Monte Cristo HMA. She was gathered as a yearling on 1-26-99 and adopted a few months later on 5-22-99. The next 10 years are lost to us . Only Destiny knows what her life was like. We only see her at present as fearful and distrusting, although there are moments of curiosity and a desire to be nearer to us. She is now accepting of us and allowing petting and light grooming. We will continue to work with her to further her training and trust in humans.

In-house adopter: Elizabeth Hunter Engel


Jazz is a handsome 19 year old gelding born in captivity. His sire being a mustang and his mother a POA, he definitely shows the best of both breeds. His winter coat is pure white with black mottling around his mouth and nose, but shedding out reveals large black spots on the skin surface of his chest and sides. Truly unique. At 14 hands his mustang heritage reveals a stocky, solid body, strong durable legs and great hooves. It was very hard for us to accept that we were seeing changes in him. Our veterinarian has confirmed that Jazz is now totally blind.

In-house adopter: Dr. Sarah Denning-Bolle




Foxfire, or Foxy, is 32 yrs old. He was adopted in 1987 to a lovely home at a year old, but was later surrendered when his owner/rider grew to adulthood. He has been part of our Youth Program and has made many public appearances. Foxfire stands at 14 hands, weighing about 700 lbs, a beautiful chestnut with one white sock and a white star on his forehead. His eyes are soft and kind and he loves attention and grooming.



Grant, 22 yrs old, was born in captivity from a mustang mare (Charlotte) and a burro on August 13, 1996 in New York. He was brought to this rescue along with his mother; neither having had any previous handling. Mom did very well with training. After some serious attempts to train Grant, he decided to remain independent. Not all of us ever fit in "the box" we're given. So it is with Grant. He lives happily here, going out daily with friends and coming into his stall every night. We will honor this special guy and enjoy what he has to offer, especially his gift of guidance to Jazz.

Sponsored by: Phyllis Devoronine


Ginger, 26 yrs old, got the attention of a whole city when she required surgery for fractured bones in her knee. The entire community came together to finance necessary surgery and follow-up care. Her recovery is complete and although pain free, she is left with a slight limp. Thus, she will require lifetime care here.

Sponsored by: Kris Grenier

Half Arab Half Trakehner Available for AdoptionHali

Registered name, Brilliant Disguise. She is a Registered Half Arabian, Half Trakhener cross. This 29 yr.old chestnut mare has done it all, well broke and ridden regularly.  She is high-spirited and needs an experienced rider. Due to her age she now deserves a life of retirement and loving care with light riding and plenty of pasture time. She is good for the farrier.

Our Ambassadors
Mustang available for adoptionRemington

Remington has been with us almost 3 years. He was a bold, willful and unpredictable horse, needing consistent handling and training. As his training progressed, he was taken to venues to introduce the public to wild horses.  He had found his niche. At present he has appeared at retirement homes, allowing wheelchairs by his side, and at day care centers where he has given pony rides to the children. He even appeared at the gala event at the Seaside Trolley Museum as the Headless Horseman. Remington will help us bring awareness of the thousands of wild horses needing a chance at a home and a job.

Sponsored by: Portland Monthly Magazine

Mustang available for adoption

BraveHeart, now 21 yrs old, was foaled on March 30, 1997, in captivity at the Litchfield Corrals in Lassen, CA. He was shipped to Cross Plains, TN for adoption on September 15, 1998 where he was determined blind. He was adopted and then brought to Ever After Mustang Rescue, for possible lifetime care. Braveheart has since grown into a handsome 16 hand blue roan that our vet does not believe is blind. His bold and strong personality requires consistent and firm care along with plenty of love. He now serves as an ambassador, where you can see him at many events.